About CRTS™

The Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS)™ designation was founded in 2004 by industry members concerned with the lack of education and standards across the disciplines that support late life home transition, such as moving, downsizing or aging in place.

Under the guidance of a professional testing company, Meaningful Measurement, Inc. a broad spectrum panel of industry experts and in conjunction with national trade organizations, CRTS™ became the hallmark of a caring and qualified network.

CRTS™ remains the only industry CERTIFICATION granted to individuals in the "Senior Mover"/ "Senior Relocation" and "Senior Transition" fields. The CRTS™ Professional Registry currently supports residential service providers including organizers, real estate agents and brokers, movers, move coordinators, estate sale specialists, movers, caregivers, home stagers and other related professionals.

Our History:

By 2005:
At a time when only a handful of companies were assisting seniors with home transition, the founders of the CRTS™ designation, including industry expert, Nan Hayes, sought accreditation for CRTS™ standards.

By 2006:
CRTS™ was launched onto the national marketplace with the support of national trade organization partners, who recognized the need for higher standards in senior services.

Because CRTS™ compliments rather than competes with its partners, we continue to support the goals and objectives of many national associations including NASMM, NAR, NAPO, SCSA, IHASP, IMAWA, AMSA and more.

By 2008:
CRTS™ was launched in Canada.

Meaningful Measurement, Inc. becomes testing authority for the CRTS™ exam.

By 2010:
The CRTS™ Professional Registry exceeds 1000 professionals across the United States and Canada.

In 2011:
CRTS™ came under the exclusive auspices of The National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care (NCBAC™). IT IS THE ONLY AUTHORIZING BOARD OR ENTITIY THAT GOVERNS CRTS™.